Montview Bakery re-brand

Helping Taylor bring her business to life through a visual re-brand was an absolute treat (see what I did there?). Taylor is the owner and cake creator behind all of the magical pieces whipped up from Montview Bakery. Her mission is beautiful: "Our mission at Montview Bakery is to produce quality desserts and beverages cost effectively, in an environment that is trendy, comfortable, and friendly for both our employees and customers. The integrity of our company is based on the principles of quality desserts, pastries, and beverages, satisfied customers, a friendly and vibrant environment, and our commitment to innovation and growth."

If you're in need of an extremely delicious and beautiful cake or cupcakes for any event, Montview Bakery is the place go. Taylor is one of the hardest and sweetest workers I know, always delivering her best. Thank you for being such an amazing client, Taylor! 

Mood Board

I had Taylor pin several pins on a secret board shared with her and I of things that reflected Montview Bakery, such as colors, textures, fonts, vibes, and lifestyle images. After looking over Taylor's pins, these are the ones that I decided best reflected the vibe that she was going for, which was fun, trendy, unique, and friendly.


Color Palette

These colors are from the mood board that we created. They capture a mixture of fresh, fun, & trendy.


Primary & alternate Logos

After the mood board and color palette was created, we dived into the logo creation. I presented her with this logo first, which reflected a clean, inviting, and fun vibe. This logo would also attract to her whole audience. I presented the logo in black and white at first to really focus on the function over the form.


After Taylor reviewed it, she decided that she really wanted an illustrated logo that gave more of a natural feel. So I turned to my super talented friend, Tessa, for an illustration, and boy did she deliver! I thickened up "Montview" by manually expanding the text and customized the "M" to fit correctly in the cake. Because Montview is inspired from the street, Montview Blvd. that Taylor lived on in Colorado, the three tiers represent a mountainside. I was beyond excited about the end result, but better yet, so was Taylor.


Below are the two alternate logos which are utilized when the primary logo doesn't properly fit in a certain place, such as a profile picture or favicon.


3 collateral items

Taylor chose business cards, greetings cards, and stickers for her three collateral items. We decided to go with kraft paper as the main material for her collateral items to continue with a natural feel. Creating collateral items is one of my favorite parts of the branding process.


Business cards


Greeting Cards




Responsive Squarespace Website

One of the best parts of creating a website for a client is knowing that it's going to make what they do much more efficient, which will then in turn give them smoother sailing. She was really excited when she found out that her clients are going to have the ability to place their cake and cupcake orders online in a structured and user-friendly way. Having a professional and inviting website for your business is also another way to get your name out there, show your customers/clients that you are serious about what you do, and it's a great resource to point current and potential clients to. Your website is your base.

Her website will be launched soon, so for the time being please enjoy a few snip-its below. 

I absolutely loved working with Taylor and wish her nothing but the best with her booming business! And a closing side note, I personally have tasted Taylor's cakes and they are out of this world delicious. And even better, she offers vegan cakes!


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